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Are you looking for more games like A Dark Room? Great.

Firstly, congrats on having great taste in games. A Dark Room is awesome, isn’t it? It’s such a unique gaming experience. The only problem is, when you want to pay another games like A Dark Room, where are going to turn? It’s not like we’re talking about an FPS here. There aren’t billions of clones of A Dark Room. So finding your next game can be a challenge.

But over the next few minutes we’re going to find your next game, the game perfect for you. How are we going to do that?

Firstly, let’s work out what it is that you like about A Dark Room. Then we can find more games with that in it.



So what is it you like about A Dark Room?

For starters, A Dark Room is not your typical graphical-powerhouse game. We’re not talking about ultra-realism here. We’re talking about a text based game with next to no graphics at all.

I call games like A Dark Room minimalist. They present the entire gaming experience with the most minimal graphics, mostly through text.

If you like games that have minimalist graphics you will probably like games such as Blek, Cookie Clicker and Candy Box. These are games that either use text for graphics or use very simple images. Definitely check out my list of minimalist games if you like that type of game.



Maybe you like the town-building aspects of A Dark Room. Games like A Dark Room are all about patience. You have to wait to built your resources before you can progress. It’s not a high-octane thrill ride where the second you start you have a rocket launcher. You start from the beginning and progress gradually with patience. There are lots of similar games, and I’ve made lists to help you find them. Check out these building games if that’s your cup of tea. They’re all games that reward patience, just like A Dark Room.


Maybe what you really love is a good text-based game.

Very early games used text because computers weren’t powerful enough for graphics. Lots of early games were more like adventure game books than “video games”. And while the text adventure has greatly declined, games like A Dark Room keep the genre alive.

The good news for fans of text-based games is that several independent game developers have kept the scene alive. There are games like Cypher  that have modernised the text adventure. And other games like Corruption of Champions have taken text in new directions.

If you’re a fan of text games, definitely check out my list of the best text games.


Between those links above you’ll find many games like A Dark Room, and hopefully you’ll find your perfect next game. But if you haven’t found it yet, let me show you some of my personal favorite games that are like A Dark Room.



 Games like A Dark Room: My Top Picks 

A Dark Room is a very unique game. So this list of games like A Dark Room just that. These games are similar to a Dark Room or share certain features like A Dark Room. But there not exactly the same. I mean, it’s not like you’re asking for a FPS here. Anyway, there are some games like A Dark Room online to play for free with now download, games like A Dark Room for iOS and Android and other systems. Most are free and browser based. Let’s take a look.


Cookie Clicker

Er. How do I actually describe this game? You basically click on a cookie.

Yeah. That’s it. You click on the coookie. And then stuff happens. People eat some of your cookies. But you learn that making cookies and getting people to eat them are two different things. Life aint easy for a man who wants to make cookies. So keep clicking the cookie. That’s basically the entire game. Bizarre. Wonderfully bizarre.


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