Games Like Celtic Heroes for PC, iPhone, Android and More

If you’re a fan of Celtic Heroes be sure to read our list of games like Celtic Heroes for PC, iPhone and Android below.

About Celtic Heroes 

Celtic Heroe sis a free to play MMO RPG in 3D. It’s been critically acclaimed for both its deep gameplay and its awesome graphics. Quite rightly, it’s achieved a very healthy following with many thousands of fans online at any time. In Celtic Heroes you will play as one of many heroes and you’ll gradually upgrade your armour and elixirs while exploring various dungeons and castles full of enemies. There are many different quests to complete as you aim to save your home world of Dal Riata from a looming darkness.

As with most MMO RPGs you will have a variety of different characters and classes to choose from. You can play as a Druid (which is a healer) a Mage / Rogue or Ranger (who are good in combat and can inflict serious damage on opponents with the minimalist of efforts) and a Warrior. When you choose your character you will join different clans and fight together against all manner of enemies, including trolls, smugglers and even dragons. And let’s be honest about it, who doesn’t love fighting dragons?

As you would expect given the genre, you will also be able to chat with your fellow players which adds a social element to the game. There are tons of different games like Celtic Heroes for PC, iPhona and Android, largely due to the fact that the MMO RPG genre is one of the most popular genres in the world. Be sure to read our list of games like Celtic Heroes below.

Games like Celtic Heroes

In our list of games like Celtic Heroes you’ll find the best combat based 3D MMO RPGs and similar games I think you’ll enjoy. There are games like Celtic heroes for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Steam, Windows, Mac and more. Enjoy.


Aion is a massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) created by video game developer NCsoft. It follows most of the conventions of MMORPG video game design, but adds a few new twists too. One thing that makes Aion different is its inclusion of free flight in its combat and the PvPvE elements. As with most other games like Aion, there are different classes. Aion offers three: Elyod, Asmodians and Balaur.



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