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25 Games Like Candy Box


If you’re a fan of games like Candy Box be sure to check out our list of games like Candy Box below. 

About Candy Box (for the list of similar games see below)

Candy Box is a game from French independent video game develop Aniwey. A game all about discovery, Candy Box is a minimalist title with a ASCII aesthetic played on the browser. Yet despite its minimalism Candy Box packs in quite a deep gaming experience. There’s a lot of gameply to Candy Box.

One of the reasons why Candy Box has achieve something of a cult following is the way it which it matches minimalistic graphics with deep gameplay to create a truly unique experience.

Candy Box is a RPG and also a parody of conventional RPGs. It pokes fun at many of the conventions of video game design, creating an experience that anybody who is into the theories of game design should truly appreciate. Though it is unique, in many ways Candy Box can be considered to be like Frog Fractions and Progress Quest. 

Candy Box begins as a very simple display of text and candies but rises to become a deep RPG experience full of quests, side quests, shops, boss battles and other traditional RPG elements. The game also uses time as a mechanic, with the gamer being forced to wait for count downs and for their resources to build. This isn’t too much of a nuisance however. Being a browser game it’s easy to leave the game on and go do something else for a short while. this (sort of) adds a social element to the game too as you’ll probably be chatting to others while waiting.

Rounding out the Candy Box experience are puzzles that add yet more versatility to the gameplay.

Candy Box is what a great indie game should be. It’s a creative and fun experiment in video game design; it’s also a commentary on gaming culture. It’s a unique experience, but we’ve found some games like Candy Box that we think you’ll enjoy. See our list of games like Candy Box below.

Games like Candy Box.

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