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Games Like Anno 2070 and Games Like Anno 1404

Looking for games like 2070 and games like 1404? Here are the best games of that type that I recommend.

Games like 2070 /  1404         #1 -5

Dawn of Discovery: a PC 3rd person real time strategy game,

Port Royale 2: Isometric real time strategy game for PC.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revoluzion: 3rd person turn based strategy game for consoles from the master Sid Meier

Space Rangers 2: 3rd person isometric role playing game for PC.

Crusader Kings II: top-down historical RTS game for PC.


Games like 2070 /  1404         #6 – 10

Total War: 3rd Person historical real time strategy game that’s rated as one of the best RTSs ever.

Rome: historical and mildly violent adventure strategy game for PC.

Giants: 1st person and 3rd person sci-fi themed RTS for PC

Homeworld: 3rd person sci-fi RTS on PC.

Pikmin: Definitely an alternative on this list of games like Anno 2070. Pikmin is a cute RTS  set in a garden full of tiny creatures. Awesome.



Games like 2070 /  1404         #11 – 15

 Allegiance:  1st person and 3rd personsci-fi RTS.  

 Port Royale: slightly violent PC RTS with pirates. 

Europa 1400: 3rd person historical RTS

Combat Mission 3: 3rd person historical TBS based around world war 2.

Galactic Civilizations:  Sci-fi strategy game based on a futuristic war.


Games like Anno 2070 / 1404     #16 – 20

World War III :  3rd person sci fi RTS based on World War III.

Starcraft: Biggest RtS in the universe, sci-fi   game for PC and consoles.

Take Command: 3rd person historical RTS for PC.

Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire: Futuristic Sci-Fi RTS from the master Sid Meier

Perimeter:  3rd person sbyerpunk RTS that’s fairly violent.


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