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I Love Playing These Games Like Animal Jame Every Time I Get Back From The Pet Store :)

National Geographic is so awesome. Not only do they put out beautiful nature shows, but they make awesome games like Animal Jam. I love playing games like Animal Jam and looking after virtual pets in between looking after my real pets. So let’s play some games like Animal Jam.

Sooooo I had some time today to play Animal Jam. wooo hoooo. I managed to squeeze in one hour of Animal Jam between helping out at the dog pound and going to the gym.

I created a super cute bunny and called her Princess Snowy Pet. She’s so cute. What do you guys think?

animal jam new animal

Next time I think I’m going to create a cat. There’s this super cute cat outside (he’s a stray I help look after). So I’m going to make a pet based on him.


Animal Jam is super fun. I really love the National Geographic games. They’re sooooo cute. LOVE THEM!

In my opinion, Animal Jam is one of the best games everrrrrrr… but there are a lot of other games like Animal Jam.

So I’ve made a list of all the games like Animal Jam that I want to play when I find the time–which is hard, because I spend soooo much time looking after animals in real life that it’s hard to find time to look after them in a game.

Anyway, you guys can check out my list of games like Animal Jam below.

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And now here are the games like Animal Jam that I’m going to try playing.

Games like Animal Jam : Wolf Quest

Wolf Quest is a 3D simulation of the natural world that has you living out the lives of wolves and learning about their ecology. You’ll be spending your time in the game in Yellowstone National Park playing across 2 episodes of single-player gameplay.

Wolf Quest is a beautiful game that will teach you a ton about the lives of wolves.


Games like Animal Jam: Club Penguin

Club Penguin isn’t as serious as Animal Jame or Wolf Quest and isn’t as educational either, but it does allow you to dress up as a penguin.

In Club Penguin you’ll design your character, meet fellow players, chat, play in mini-games and do a whole lot more. Club Penguin is a great game for kids in a safe environment that’s a ton of fun.

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