These Games Are All Like Animal Jam-One Of Our Favorite Games Ever!

games like animal jam


I love Animal Jam. It’s so cute and such good fun to play. But the other day we fancied playing something just a little different. We came up with this list of amazing games like Animal Jam. We think you’re going to love them. But maybe we missed out a game or two. If you know of any other great games like Animal Jam, let us know in a comment below.


Games like Animal Jam : Wolf Quest

Wolf Quest is a 3D simulation of the natural world that has you living out the lives of wolves and learning about their ecology. You’ll be spending your time in the game in Yellowstone National Park playing across 2 episodes of single-player gameplay.

Wolf Quest is a beautiful game that will teach you a ton about the lives of wolves.


Games like Animal Jam: Club Penguin

Club Penguin isn’t as serious as Animal Jame or Wolf Quest and isn’t as educational either, but it does allow you to dress up as a penguin.

In Club Penguin you’ll design your character, meet fellow players, chat, play in mini-games and do a whole lot more. Club Penguin is a great game for kids in a safe environment that’s a ton of fun.

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Written by Paul M Harrison

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