25 Fun Animal Games Like Animal Jam

Looking for the best games like Animal Jam.   Animal Jam is a virtual playground online that is full of beautiful scenes of the outdoors. Animal Jam is a co-production between video game developer Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Global Media.


Games like Animal Jam 1: Wolf Quest

Wolf Quest is a 3D simulator of the natural world that has you living out the lives of wolves and learning about their ecology. You’ll be spending your time in the game in Yellowstone National Park playing across 2 episodes of single-player gameplay.

Wolf Quest is a beautiful game that will teach you a ton about the lives of wolves.



Games like Animal Jam 2: Club Penguin

Club Penguin isn’t as serious as Animal Jame or Wolf Quest and isn’t as educational either, but it does allow you to dress up as a penguin.

In Club Penguin you’ll design your character, meet fellow players, chat, play in mini-games and do a whole lot more. Club Penguin is a great game for kids in a safe environment that’s a ton of fun.





Games like Animal Jam 3: Webkinz

Webkinz is a game in which toys come to life online. You can give your toy a name, design its home and decorate it however you like. You’ll also have some free KinzCash to spend on items you like. PLay the arcade min-games in Webkinz and you’ll get more KinzCash to spend however you like.




Games like Animal Jam 4: FeralHeart

FeralHeart is another games that allows you to play as an animal, this one having you play as a lion or a wolf.

Feralheart takes place in a free roaming 3D world that plays like a RPG. You create your own character right down to their eyes colour and the marking on their body.



Games like Animal Jam 5: Moshi Monsters

Instead of playing as an animal Moshi Monsters casts you as one of the cute and silly looking Moshis. In the game, you get to create your Moshi, decorate their home, chat with other players and play mini–games. Moshi Monsters is the most popular game on this list, being something of a pop culture phenomenon.


Games like Animal Jam 6: Switch Zoo

Switch Zoo is different to other games in this list. Switch Zoo takes place, as you probably guessed, in a virtual zoo where there are all kinds of different games to play and activities to do.

In Switch Zoo you’ll be putting your creativity skills to the test as you combine different parts from different animals to create something new.




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