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20+ Games Like Alter Ego

On this page I’ll be sharing games similar to Alter Ego. But first things first: There are two very different games called Alter Ego. The first is a  text best life simulation game , while the second is a point and click horror game. If you’re looking for games similar to the text simulator, see our list of the following:    Real Life games    /     Text  games    /    simulation games.


The rest of this article is all about the point and click adventure game of the same name.

Games like Alter Ego by Genres and Themes

Point and Click: For games with point and click interfaces, check out our list of the best P&C Games.

Horror: Love some fear factor in your adventures? Check out our list of the best horror games.

RPG: If you love stats, upgrades, character levelling and other role playing game mechanics, check out our selection of the best RPG games.

Finally, here’s our personal selection of the best games like Alter Ego.






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