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25 Games Like Alice Madness Returns

Discover the best games like Alice Madness Returns in our list below. 


About Alice Madness Returns 

Alice Madness Returns is the sequel to the PC game Alice by video game designer American McGee. Released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2011, Alice Madness Returns  earned a cult following for its unique game design.

Alice Madness Returns is about Alice Lidell, who went made after her parents and sister were killed in a fire. Madness Returns begins several years after Alice was released from the mental asylum. Alice seeks to return to Wonderland, her refugee, but it has been corrupted by an evil force.

A “Psychological” (though not really) game in the third person perspective, you play as Alice and she runs, jumps and attacks her was through Wonderland. You have access to various weapons, including the vorpal blade, a kitchen knife. There are also other benign items that can be used as weapons. The pepper grinder, for instance, can be used as a machine gun, the hobby horse can be used to smash through barriers, the teapot cannon fires tea, and so on. All items can be upgraded by collecting the teeth of fallen enemies.

There are two defenses weapons that can’t be upgraded: the Parasol and the CLockword Bomb.

Rose petals are used to represent your health and if you die you’ll start back from the nearest checkpoint. When your health is low you can use Hysteria for a short amount of time.

Every level of Alice Madness Returns is packed full of secrets, many of which can be found by using a shrinking potion so you can walk through keygoles and other small openings. You can also reveal new paths by attaching a pig snout to the pepper grinder.
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