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25 Games Like Age of Empires 3 Online


Discover the best games like Age of Empires 3 for iOs, PC, MAC, XBox 360 and other systems in our list below. 

About Age of Empires 

Age of Empire is one of the most popular online real time strategy games and was created by video game developer Ensemble Studios. The original Age of Empire was released in 1997. With excellent video game design, the Age of Empires series achieved a huge following with thousands of players online at any time.

Age of Empires 3 was released in 2005 and shows the story of the European conquest and colonisation of the Americas. Age of Empires 3 introduced many new elements to the series and spawned many clones (meaning there are plenty of other games like Age of Empires). In Age of Empires 3, each civilisation gets a bonus that completely changes the way in which that civilisation is played. This changes the traditional rock paper scissors mechanics and brings to the broth some elements of traditional RPG game design. There is also a huge single player campaign.

Of course, the basis of the game remains the same as it has for the entire series, but the Home Cities create a new experience. The new addition of role playing elements introduces upgrades across the campaign and this makes players play in a way they are familiar and comfortable with. Your Home City will also offer you military and economic upgrades and resources, which you can access via experience points.

AOE 3 also introduces cards that you can use to receive specific types of shipments. You can change your cards at the beginning of each campaign, so you have control of the resources you will be given. This adds a new elements to the strategy.

Age of Empires is a classic RTS game and so there are many other games like Age of Empires 3. See below for our complete list of games like Age of Empires 3.
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Games like Age of Empires 3

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