25 Games Like Afterwind / Games Like AtWar

Great news. I found tons more games like AtWar and AfterWind that you are going to love. No matter what system you’re looking for games for you’ll find them in this list. There re games like Afterwind and AtWar to play for free in your browser. There are apps for Android and iOS. And there are full-scale games for Windows, Mac, PS3, PS4 and XBox One.

So let’s take a look at some of the best games like AtWar and Afterwind so we can find your next big game.

For starters, if you are a fan of Afterwind and AtWar¬†Command and Conqueryou obviously like war-based strategy games. And if you want to start with the best war strategy game, you’ve got to go to the classic. This is where the modern strategy game began. C&C is the ultimate game of its type. You play as one of two opposing armies and must defeat your opponent by making tactical decisions. It’s one of the best RTS games of all time. So definitely check out C&C and other RTS games via this link.

Speaking of strategy games… strategy has been one of the most popular games ever since Chess. And it’s even more popular in the world of video games. Games like Civilization¬†offer very deep strategy gameplay and really make you use your brain. Lots of other games do the same things. And many of them are free to play online in your browser. If you’re a fan that kind of game, you should check out my list of strategy games via this link.

Use those links to find some great games like AtWar / Afterwind. And then take a look at my top picks below.



My personal favorite games like Afterwind / AtWar


In our list of games like AtWar you’ll find all the best turn based strategy games with military themes and battle .Many of these games are historical too. There are apps for Android and iOS phones, and games for PC, Windows, Mac, PS4, PS3, XBox One, and even 3DS. Some of the games are free to play online in your browser with no download, others are paid games. Enjoy


Age of Wonders

Age of Empire

Age of Wonder Age of Wonder is a series of games in the fantasy strategy genre, which has seen several different installations. Created by video game developer Triumph Studios, who are famous for their work on the Overlord series of games, Age of Wonders is fantasy strategy game with excellent tactical combat, simultaneous turns and a narrow focussed style of empire management. Other games like Age of Wonder include Age of War and Age of Empires.


Games Like Age of wonders (6)



Stormfall Age of War

Stormfall Age of War

Stormfall Age of War is a Facebook strategy game created by game developer Plarium. It is a mid-core strategy game in which you must build your own castle town by raiding the AI installations and taking part in multiplayer combat. The plot of Stormfall: Age of War is minimalist and takes players through a series of campaigns narrated by a sarcastic adviser. There are lots of different mechanics to get to grips with, as there are in most strategy games, and there are many tutorials to help you get to grips with things.


Games Like Stormfall Age of War

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