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Afterlife is one of the many amazing games LucasArts made in their heyday back in the mid 1990s. Afterlife is a god game in which you play a Demiurge, a semi-omnipotent being who must create heaven and hell by punishing people for their sins or rewarding them for lives well lived. You must create heaven in hell in  city building type of game and are accountable to the Powers That Be.  The game is satirical and is packed full of references to pop culture, include a death star that destroys buildings.

You primary aim is to create the infrastructure of heaven and hell. In this way, Afterlife is a city building game. And you can find tons more city building games here.

Afterlife dives into all different religious matters but in a light hearted way. The seven deadly sins, for instance, are present and NPCs are rewarded or punished based on their level of faith.

Similar to other city building games, in Afterlife you need to build your city’s infrastructure by creating various buildings and structures. You’re monitored in your job by Aria Goodhalo and Jasper Wormsworth, an angel and a demon. They provide you with various warnings that help you to build your city successfully. You’ll find many of these mechnics in sim-style games (click to see them).

In one sense there are lots of different games like Afterlife, because there are many God games and city building games. But what makes Afterlife unique is its combination of these elements with satire and humour.   Afterlife is definitely a unique gaming experience, but you can find some more games like Afterlife in our list below.


Games like Afterlife

Black and White

Platforms: Windows

Black and White is a classic retro real time strategy game (RTS) from Lionhead Studios (who also made Fable). It is one of the games that made game designer Peter Molyneux a legend. You play a newborn god who must tend to the needs of mortals by using a crafting system. You’ll need to manage your population and govern your creatures. Your actions will be judged by the game’s morality system and as you continue to play the architecture and the visual design of your world will change dependent on your actions.

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