25 Games Like Aerobiz And Aerobiz Supersonic


Looking for more great games like Aerobiz?

We’ve put together a list of all the best games that are similar to Aereobiz and Aerobiz Supersonic. There are games for all systems, including PC, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

So here’s how we put together this list and how you can find even more great games like Aerobiz.

For starters, Aerobiz is a business simulation game. It was originally released to Sharp X6800 (you get a free cookie if you remember that system) and for Mega Drive and SNES. But because of its timeless gameplay it’s still played today.

There are lots of similar games in the business strategy genre. You can find tons of great simulation games by visiting our Simulation Games Tag.

In Aerobiz you play as the CEO of a thriving new international airline, a business startup who has only a limited amount  of time to increase business and become the leader of airlines. To do this you will need to beat the AI that controls the opposition. You’ll need to control how your airline grows, making choices such as investments and choosing the name of your airline, choosing which routes to fly and so on. You’ll be affected by things like politics and events around the world.

So the idea is to take your business to the top. One game with precisely the same theme is Adventure Capitalist (which is great). You can read more about Adventure Capitalist and find similar games here.

There are also lots of games that are similar to Adventure Capitalist but with different themes. For instance, Game Dev Tycoon is an amazing game in which you play as a game developer. And Football Manager is one of the best management games of all time. In it you have to take your team to the top through your managerial skills. So definitely take a look at those two games.

Now, let’s take a closer look at a few of my personal favorite games like Aerobiz.

Games like Aerobiz: Top Picks

In our list of games like Aerobiz you’ll find the best simulation games and management games from 2016 and earlier. There are games like Aerobiz (and Apps) for your iPhone  and iPad, for Android, Windows, Mac, PS3 / PS4, and games like Aerobiz online for free with no download.




Adventure Capitalist


Adventure Capitalist is a game all about starting off as a nobody in the financial and business world and becoming one of the wealthy elite. You’ll start with nothing more than your lemonade stand, but as you play you’ll make important business decisions that will affect your business. Gradually you’ll work your way to the top.


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Football Manager


Football Manager is a management simulation game by Sega which began life way back in 1992 under the title Championship Manager. The games are designed to cover every aspect of being a manager of a football team. You’ll be engaged in the buying process, selecting the best prices for different players to gradually improve your team. You’ll also be responsible for the training of the players, making sure they are ready for their next match. When it comes time to actually play a match you’ll be responsible for choosing the best formation and the strategies that your team will employ.


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