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25 Games Like Aero Fighters

games like aero fighters

Discover the best flying games like Aero Fighters, a classic retro arcade and SNES arcade flying game, below. 

Games Like Aero Fighters 

Aero Fighters, which was called Sonic Wings in Japan, is a vertical scrolling shooter made by video game developer Video System and released in 1992. As a classic arcade game it has retained a cult following which still sees a lot of interest in the game today.

Two seuqels to Aero Fighters were released, on PS and on N64 (the latter being a 3D flying game).

Aero Fighters contains eight levels and once these have been completed an additional four levels are opened up. There are specific team and player endings and after the second playthrough each pilot gives a speech.

Aero Fighters is a classic arcade style flying game that takes place in vertical scrolling screens. It is a favorite game among fans of retro flying games, and due to legendary status still sees a lot of discussion even today, 12 years after its release.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of the best games like Aero Fighters.
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Games Like Aero Fighters

Games Like Aero Fighters

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