Games Like Adventure Capitalist

In our list of games like Adventure Capitalist you’ll find many of the best online management games. I’ve included games like Adventure Capitalist for Steam, iPhone, iPad, Android, and some PS4 / PS3 / XBox One games too.

Find our list of games like Adventure Capitalist below.



Games Like Adventure Capitalist

Game Dev Tycoon


Game Dev Tycoon is a business management that copies its gameplay from other tycoon games (Zoo Tycoon, for instance). What’s unique about Game Dev Tycoon is it’s theme: it’s all about making games. You manage your way to the top of the games development industry. For more games like Game Dev Tycoon, see below.

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Prison Architect


Prison Architect is a construction management simulation game by British video game developer Introversion. The game is a top down construction and management simulation game in which you are in charge of the building of a prison. Obviously this is quite a unique theme for a construction game (if anyone knows any other specific “prison” construction games please leave a comment below). The general genre of management and construction, however, is fairly popular and there are many games like Prison architect on the market.

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