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25 Games Like ABCYA


Read our complete list of games like ABCYA, educational games for kids based online and hosted on websites, at the bottom of the page.


ABCYA is one of the top websites when it comes to providing free educational video games for kids and children. The activities on ABCYA are designed to help kids to learn and are designed for elementary level students.

One of the best things about ABCYA is that every activity on the website has been created by actual teachers. This means that you can rest assured that your kids are playing truly helpful and encouraging games that provide a positive influence. The games available on ABCYA are free too and are modeled on the lessons kids take in elementary education. The purpose of the game is to support kids studies in schools.

Among the many different activities that you will find on ABCYA are maths games, language games and basic introductory level computer skills. Sounds are used to help the children to learn too, and there is a holiday section which is full of fun mini-games.

Unlike other games like ABCYA, ABCYA has been created by teachers and for this it has been given a great deal of critical acclaim. Find more games like ABCYA below.


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