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Exclusive Breaking News on Sony PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

It’s the newest technology from Sony, the PS4 virtual reality headset, and it’s set to revolutionize gaming. 

The Sony PS4 virtual reality headset gets right up and personal, putting the pixels right in your face. Our exclusive source had the opportunity to use Sony’s new virtual reality headset, and we’re told that it’s an extremely impressive piece of kit.

sony new ps4 virtual reality headset

you’re reading Sony’s new PS4 virtual reality headset on Oculus Rift technology revealed. . .

Sony’s New PS4 Virtual Reality Headset is the future of gaming

Our exclusive source states, “The resolution is extremely impressive. The 1080 OLED display is very clear and bright. Most impressive, however, is the motion tracking. Cameras around the unit allow it to track your movements, so when you move your head forward or backward, for instance, the graphics reflect that change.”

Given that the Oculus Rift technology is also being used by NASA to create virtual tours to Mars, it should go without saying that the technology is amazing. Virtual reality has been tried many times before in gaming, and has failed spectacularly, but Sony’s new virtual reality headset could mark the first real success of VR gaming.

you’re reading Sony’s new PS4 virtual reality headset on Oculus Rift technology revealed. . .

Sony will be announcing more about the technology at GDC 2014. Stay tuned for more exclusive news.

Here’s what it feels like to play Sony’s new PS4 virtual reality headset. . .

ps4 virtual reality oculus rift

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