Deadpool’s Character Brought To Life By Breaking Fourth Wall

One of the key reasons why the new Deadpool game trailer seems so much better than other trailers is thanks to its continual breaking of the fourth wall.

Breaking the fourth wall brings Deadpool’s character to life


what’s a fourth wall? Breaking the third wall simply means that the character (Deadpool) steps out of the fictional world of the game and addresses the audience directly. .

No sooner has the trailer started than Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by directly talking about how much the trailer cost to produce. This stops Deadpool from being a mere character and makes him seem way more lifelike.

Game developer High Moon Studios will likely have Deadpook breaking the fourth wall in the game too. Social commentary and direct addresses to the audience make Deadpool’s character larger than life. That’s why you feel more connected to Deadpool than most game characters.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what kind of jokes High Moon Studios will put in the game. Can they beat the most famous instance of a developer breaking the fourth wall, which happened in Metal Gear Solid 2 when Big Boss told Snake to turn off the console.

If High Moon Studio can match that sort of creative genius, Deadpool could end up being one of the most original games in years.

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