Dead or Alive 5 Ayane / Hitomi Trailer

No doubt you guys love seeing some beautiful women in your games, which is a good thing,, given that an appreciation for beauty is one of the keys to good mental health (see: Health Benefits of Appreciation of Beauty). In case you’re struggling, Tecmo Koei Games and Team Ninja want to help you out by showing beautiful 3D fighters Ayane and Hitomi going at it in this new trailer for Dead or Alive 5.

Dead or Alive 5 Hitomi / Ayane Images



There’s not much to report on here. This video is exactly what you’d expect from the Dead or Alive series, with hot chicks kicking each other’s asses. So let’s get straight to it and watch the trailer below! Enjoy.


Dead or Alive 5 Ayane / Hitomi Trailer

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