The Mind Blowing Psychology Of Video Games

How is it that games are able to entertain millions of people around the world for hours every day? How is it that a game can motivate players to play through hours of content, completing numerous missions, dying, restarting, failing, but ultimately reaching the end of the game while offering no real, tangible incentive for doing so? Why is it that when we play a game we feel numerous heightened emotions, from excitement to empowerment, even though games, at face value, aren’t even real? If you’re a gamer you know that a game can make you feel larger than life.

Games don’t achieve this through some bizarre pixel-magic. At their centre, games are psychological powerhouses. Developers know what it is that makes gamers tick, and they turn the desires, imaginations and emotions of gamers into a product of entertainment. Entertainment, however, is just one small part of gaming. The true power of gaming comes from understanding how games motivate and empower gamers.

Once you understand how games motivate you and make you feel empowered, you can apply the same laws to real life. In this article we will be revealing the many wonderful ways in which games work psychologically, and then applying those gameplay mechanics to real life. We’ll cover all major gaming genres, from shooting games to RPGs, looking at the psychological rules governing their gameplay, and then applying those rules to real life. What this means is that if you’re a gamer who loves RPGs, you’ll discover why you love RPGs, how RPGs motivate you to keep playing and how you can turn the laws of RPG design into laws for real life. Or, if you’re a fan of shooters, you’ll discover how shooters make gamers feel empowered, and likewise apply those laws to real life. Games have the power to motivate, to empower, to create joy and happiness and many more positive. Continue Reading 

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Top 10 Video Game Design Schools and Courses in North America

The gaming industry needs more genuinely creative people. The more people who attend video game design schools online or offline, the better for the video game industry.

Naturally, getting a qualification at just any old video game design schools isn’t going to cut it. The gaming industry is one of the most popular industries in the world right now. The only way you’re ever going to get a decent job within gaming is by attending one of the very best video game designing programs.

To that end, we’re presenting this list of our top ten choices of video game design courses and schools in the North America.


List of Video Game Design Schools – Top 10

10. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts: Massachusetts is something of a hot bed in video game design, and Worcester Polytechnic is one of the main reasons why.  

9. Champlain College at Virginia Tech University: The Gaming Project at Virginia Tech involves various aspects of design and development of computer and video games

8. Rochester Institute of Technology: The best video game design school in New York is at the Rochester Institute of Technology

7. Becker College.BeckerCollege is a video game design school in Massachusetts, it ranks high in national surveys and is considered “the destination for game design.”

6. Drexel University: The best game design program in Philadelphia is at Drexel, which covers all areas of game design, from art to programming.

5. Michigan State University: One of the nation’s top game design universities also runs summer camps, called “The Video Game Design Camp.”

4. Art Institute Vancouver B.C: Vancouver is one of the leading destinations for gamers, with many of the best studios being based there. The Art institute runs The Art Institute of Vancouver Game Art & Design Diploma, one of the most highly regarded courses in the world.

3. University of Utah: Runs the “Game Design and Development” program, which runs three courses – “The first course, Game Design and Development I focuses on game mechanics, ludology, and the history of games. The second course focuses on game content, narratology, and the pipeline. The third course focuses on critical perspectives, elements of game genres, as well as game post-production”

2. University of Southern California: The Video Game Design and Management minor integrates theoretical concepts and practical skills to prepare students for a career in interactive entertainment

1. DigiPen Institute of Technology: Digipen’s course has given rise to some of the most creative game projects to be seen over reason years. Their courses have come on strong to make it to the top of this list. They are one of the very best schools for video game design in the world and are very highly recommended.


Attending any of these schools is one of the best steps one can take on the road to a successful career in the video game industry.

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