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Review: Dungeons of the Endless

Dungeons of the Endless is a critically acclaimed tower defense roguelike game with randomly generated levels. One of the best indie games of 2014.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Wallpapers with Sam Fisher, Isaac Briggs and Jade Raymond

Splinter Cell Blacklist is one sale today for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. We’ve gathered together all the best artwork, images and wallpapers for you to download. Apparently a ton of gamers have the hots for Splinter Cell Blacklist designer Jade Rymond too. . .  I guess it’s the combination of being vaguely goodlooking and very into games that makes her attractive. . . or something. Anyway, Splinter Cell Blacklist fans have a lot to be excited about. Not only is Splinter Cell Blacklist now available, but there are must-have collectible action figures and some cool art prints too. Let’s...

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Tales of Xillia Review, Gameplay and Characters Screenshot

Tales of Xillia is certain to please fans of Japanese style games. It’s stylistically very Eastern. It’s also very complex and elaborate. The latest in the Tales of. . . series is an epic. Tales of Xillia is so deep that you’ll have to play the game for about six hours simply to get an appreciation of the full depth of this massive game. Then there’s Tale of Xillia’s story. It’s huge. The Tales of Xillia characters are believable and do an excellent job of pulling you right into the heart of this amazing story. The characters in Tales of...

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Dead Island Riptide’s Weapons and Guns Are Locked and Loaded

Dead Island Riptides weapons, guns and combat are a noticeable improvement from the 2011 title. While there is still focus on melee you’re given a ton more ammo this time around and when fighting hordes gun turrets play a significant role. A particularly nice touch to Dead Island Riptide’s weapons is the nail gun, which allows you to pick nails out of enemies to reuse.  Explosives and sonic weapons add a lot of fun too. Melee combat is very much the life and blood of Dead Island Riptide, with Australian John Morgan pounding the heck out of zombies with his...

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Dead Island Riptide Review: New Enemies, Old Characters

The first thing that smacked us in the face when we began reviewing Dead Island Riptide was the fact that it’s not really a sequel but an extension of the 2011 co-op shooter. The gameplay is nearly exactly the same and so are the cast of characters. So do we really need to continue this review of Dead Island Riptide or should we just refer to the earlier game? Eh let’s give Dead Island Riptide the review it deserves. What is new about Dead Island Riptide is the island and the enemies, plus a couple of important tweaks here and...

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Gears of War Judgment One of the best Spin-Offs, Say Critics

Gears of War Judgment reviews have been near unanimously positive among the top game reviewing websites. At a time when many game sequels and spin-offs fail to give gamers anything genuinely new, is good to see game developer People Can Fly actually putting in the effort to make a new gaming experience.   Gears of War Judgment Reviews Here’s what the most important Gears of War Judgment reviewers had to say IGN 9.2: Said the game was precisely what the series needed, making the game new while staying faithful to the series. CVG: 8.5: Ben Griffin was impressed with the game’s new weapons...

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Why Etrian Odyssey 4 Deserves Your Applause

Games like Etrian Odyssey 4 are a blessing in the current state of gaming. I’ve been playing Etrian Odyssey 4 a lot and, though, to be fair, it’s a pretty darned harsh game and in some ways flipping weird, it’s also the kind of game the gaming world needs more of at the moment. In many ways, Etrian Odyssey 4 is totally F****D Up. . . for which we applaud it It’s easy to see a lot wrong with Etrian Odyssey at first sight. There’s sections where you’re fighting  afro-monkeys. There’s the fact that an abnormal number of the characters...

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God of War Ascensions Gameplay and Combat Misses Mark: REVIEW

Though you have the opportunity to show your skills through combat in God of War Ascension, you never really need to be particularly skillful. The challenge level is low and you’ll easily get through the game whether you fight like Mike Tyson or Peewie Herman. You won’t need to master the combat in order to complete the game. Between the blocking, rolling and parrying you’ve got everything you need to easily fend of most enemies. God of War Ascensions’s Combat. . . skillfully easy Making things even easier is the fact that, even when you do get hit, enemy blows...

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God of War Ascension: Kratos Never Had It So Easy: REVIEW

Is God of War Ascension a worthy entrant in gaming’s most asskicking series? Read our God of War Ascension review below. God of War Ascension Story Much like God of War Ascension’s box cover, the game starts with Kratos in chains.  Having broken his oath to Ares, Kratos is held captive by the Kindly Ones, the Furies.  To be fair, life for Kratos isn’t really that bad thanks to the parade of boobies which have been thrown in to try and help market the game (you  can’t beat boobies for marketing). Flashbacks will flesh out the story, revealing what happened to Kratos up to...