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Games Like Kingdom Rush


Kingdom Rush

Kindgdom Rush is a tower defense game by video game developer Ironhide Game Studio. It is one of the many tower defense games published by Armor Games and playable on your browser and for iPad and Android. In the game you’ll build towers in the empty lots of a medieval world. You’ll be able to choose from four different towers: Barracks, Mage, Artillery and Archers.

5 Games with a Purpose Beyond Gaming

 There aren’t many games with a purpose that is important to society and reality. Thankfully, however, there are some notable exceptions. The following five “games with a purpose” reveal how gaming can be used to spread important messages. The Top 5 Games With a Purpose WeTopia On the surface, WeTopia might not look very different… Read more »

Games with Online Pass |


Games with online pass charge games additional money to play online. Most original purchases come with free online play, but trade-in games often charge $10 for playing online. As though this wasn’t enough of a rip-off, games with online passes generally don’t allow the pass to be shared with family and friends or (get this)… Read more »

The Best Games with Ninjas | Ninja Games

best games with ninjas ninja games

Our list of the best games with ninjas covers all systems and all the best ninja games of all time. Begin the list of Ninja games HERE.   The Best Games with Ninjas | Ninja Games Ninjas have been popular in gaming for many years. My first experience with a Ninja video games was back… Read more »

Best Games with Levels


Looking for great games with levels that you can progress through one at a time? Over recent years, games with levels have become less and less popular, being replaced with open world games. Many people, however, don’t much like open world games and would rather play old fashioned games with levels. So, what are the… Read more »

Best Games With Joystick Support

The list of games with joystick support below contain what are, in my opinion, the most playable games with joysticks out there. Obviously, there aren’t that many given that joystick support has sadly been lost. Still, there’s enough for a few hours of joystick gaming! Best Games With Joystick Support Battlefield 3 (Jet sections) Freespace… Read more »

Games with Horses


Games with horses have always been popular since near the beginning of gaming. Even numerous text games with horses were made back in the 1970s (the very early days). Since then, horses have become quite famous in games, with horses like Epona and Argo being some of the favourites. Click the link below and we’ll… Read more »

Best Games with Low System Requirements


Games with low system requirements are highly popular at the moment because, let’s face it, we don’t all have the world’s best graphics cards in our systems, and that’s especially true if we’re using our office PC. Types of Games with Low System Requirements Thankfully, there are tons of truly great games with low system… Read more »

Best Games with Guns

Starcraft Ghost cosplay girl

There are so many games with guns that you’d swear video game developers are getting prepared for World War III. Choosing which are the best games with guns is no mean feat simply due to the staggering level of competition. Nevertheless, we’ve given it a shot. Hit next to get started. In our list of… Read more »

Best Storylines in Games


We share the absolute best storylines in games. . . ever.   Uncharted With the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog intentionally set out to create a game that felt like a Hollywood movie. They succeeded in this aim with every Uncharted game. In the Uncharted stories, Nathan Drake sets off around the world looking for some… Read more »

Best Games with Female Protagonists

Though games with female protagonists are not as commonplace as their male counterparts, there still are many fantastic female games characters. Gaming, of course, is often viewed as being highly sexist. Most of the times in games, women are viewed as sex objects, which is a sad fact and has been the case for many… Read more »

Top 10 Games with Dragons


There are tons of great games with dragons, as we will see in our list of the top ten games with Dragons that begins on the next page. One of the best games with dragons: Dragon Age Why Games with Dragons are so popular It’s no wonder that games with dragons are as popular as… Read more »

Games With Animals


On the next page we’ll be looking at the best games with animals. Games with animals have always been immensely popular. These days, of course, games wih animals are often realistic and based on real science. Find all the best games with animals HERE.  Back in the 80s, video game developers began to use animals… Read more »

Games with AO Rating | The Best Adults Only Games

 Looking for the best games with AO rating? Then our list of the best adult only games is precisely what you need. With titles such as Do You Like Horny Bunnies?  and BoneCraft, this list of games is precisely what you need for your adult-only pleasure. Games with AO Rating | The Best Adults Only… Read more »