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20 Games Like Assassin’s Creed Victory – Because Why Wait?

Oh crap. Assassin’s Creed Victory has been unveiled. It looks awesome, taking players to 19th Century London to meet Jack The Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and Queen Victoria. There’s just one slight, minor inconvenience… it’s not out for flipping ages. The release date is late 2015. Urghhh. Who wants to wait? Assassins Creed Unity Graphics and Screenshots There’s like… an entire year until we can play Assassin’s Creed Victory. So what the heck are we going to do…? I don’t know about you but I’ve played through every version of Assassin’s Creed. And I want more. So I guess I’m going...

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Any more Great Games Like Company of Heroes…?

Below, you can find our list of games like Company of Heroes 2. But before we look at alternative games to Company of Heroes 2 let’s take a quick look at whatCompany of Heroes 2is in our brief review. Company of Heroes 2 Review:    Company of Heroes 2 the sequel to the 2006 title of the same name. It’s a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega for the Microsoft Windows platform..  The game is set in World War II and focuses on the Eastern Front .You control the Soviet Red Army during the events...

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Seven Sacred Beasts Review

Mattie is a summoner who can use his abilities to use monsters, sort of in a Pokemon-style way. The one thing Mattie loves above everything else is money. That’s right. He’s extremely shallow. Not much of a hero, really. He’s no interest in fame, honor or nobility, just cold hard cash. Then one day Mattie stumbles upon a woman in a den full of monsters. She promises to pay Mattie 100 million in gold (whole lot of mulah that) if he can be victorious in a tournament that will determine the greatest sorceror in the world. Clearly this woman is up to something–no one offers that sort of cash–but just what exactly is she after? Mattie journeys off to sin the battle and to earn his cash reward.

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20 Games Like Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is an open world third person shooter that was made by the excellent video game developer Insomniac Games (definitely one of my favorite game developers). It’s just been released on XBox One and is already one of the best selling games of 2014.

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25 Games like Banished for Mac, PC, iPhone, iOS and XBox + Multiplayer


Banished is a game by independent video game developer Luke Hodorowicz, and was released in February of 2014. The basic concept of Banished is that a group of travelers have been exiled out of their old homeland and have only a minimal amount of supplied that they can carry with them. They must find items in the wilderness to establish a new settlement so that they can survive.

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Being released just in time for Halloween is Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror. It’s a short but sweet horror / puzzle game that will kick your brain’s ass (… “brains ass…” can’t believe I wrote that.. anyway). It’s hardcore in places. And if you’re like me and just have an average IQ, you’re going to scratch your head a lot. Developed by Glitchy Pixel, a developer that has just TWO people in it, it’s hard not to be a little impressed with this game. In Poltergeist A Pixelated Horror you play as a deceased mansion owner and must use your paranormal...

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20+ Games Like Civilization Beyond Earth

Looking for more great games like Civilization Beyond Earth? Find them in our comprehensive list at the bottom of this page. About Civilization Beyond Earth Sid Merier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a 4X turn based strategy game and spiritual successor to the Alpha Centauri series. It features many of the same gameplay mechanics that were present in the 1999 title. Set in a unique world, a sci fi theme that is unique to the Civilization series, Beyond Earth takes the classic gaming series in an all new direction. Beyond Earth is a TBC game that is played on a hexagonal...

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22 Games Like Gun Gale Online GGO

Gune Gale Online

Gun Gale Online is the sequel to Sword Art Online. Created with “The Seed” (a free game development tool for virtual reality massively multiplayer online games), GGO puts the player into a post apocalpytic world. When you play in Gun Gale Online you can import your avatars from other games to use in GGO.

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20+ Games Like GoodGame Empire

Looking for more great games like GoodGame Empire? Find the, in our collection of games like GoodGame Empire, below. About GoodGame Empire (GGE)   GoodGame Empire is a free browser RTS (real time strategy) game that was created by video game developer Goodgame Studios. In the game you design and build your own castle and enter a series of battles which play out PVP (player VS Player) style. At the beginning of the game you are a lord in The Great Empire and will be in charge of a fortress that you can upgrade into a kingdom. You’ll develop your...

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20+ Games Like Divinity Original Sin (#3 is best)

Divinity Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin is a fantasy role playing game that plays out from an isometric perspective and features single player, multiplayer, and co-operative modes. The combat in Divinity Original Sin is turn based.

One of the main reasons why Divinity Original Sin has become so popular is thanks to its highly interactive fantasy world.

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20 Games Like Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom

Aura kingdom (which also goes by the names Fantasy Frontier online, and Innocent World) is a game by video game developer X-Legend. Free to play, Aura Kingdom was released in August of 2012 and has become extremely popular over recent months.

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25 Games Like Blek


Blek is a puzzle game created by video game developers the Kunabi brother. In Blek you draw a line across the screen in order to clear out different coloured dots. The game is very minimalist in its design, but also very addictive and entertaining.

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25 Games Like Ameba Pico

Ameba Pico

Ameba Pico Ameba is a Japanese website that offers social networking. Released in 2009, Ameba Pico allows you to create your own avatar and socialise with other gamers. It is a virtual community in which you can create your own character, decorate your own rooms, and socialise with other characters around virtual replicas of real life landmarks like the statue of liberty.

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25 Amazing Games Like Age of Wushu (#3 is Best)

Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is a massively multiplayer online role playing game made by video game developer Snail Games. The game features stunning graphics and some revolutionary game mechanics. The action is all based around the combat and you’ll need to use your skill in order to progress.

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25 Games Like Afraid of Monsters

Afraid of Monsters

Afraid of Monsters is a Half Life mod that turns Half Life into an amazing survival horror game. In the game you play as David Leatherhoff, a guy addicted to drugs. Recently, David Leatherhoff’s been suffering from halucinations. Afraid of Monster is based on Half Life and so is a first person shooter, but this mod takes Half Life into the realm of survival horror.

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Games Like Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a game all about starting off as a nobody in the financial and business world and becoming one of the wealthy elite. You’ll start with nothing more than your lemonade stand, but as you play you’ll make important business decisions that will affect your business. Gradually you’ll work your way to the top.

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Games Like Abuse: Download And Play For Free


Abuse is a a retro run and gun game that was made by video game developer Cracked dot com and released for DOS in 1996. The game’s source code was made public domain in the 90s, allowing it to be put up online for free. In the game you play as lead character Nick Vrenna who was wrongly imprisoned.

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25 Games like Aberoth


Aberoth is a free browser based online role playing game that takes place in real time and offers a great multiplayer. The story is all about a peaceful land called Aberoth which has recently come under attack by rogues which roam the countryside.

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25 Games Like Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin is a stealth game created by video game developer Replay Studios. In the game you play as an assassin called Violette Summer, a British spy during World War 2. As Violette you’ll be behind enemy lines using stealth to take down enemies and to acquire valuable information that could turn the course of the war.

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25 Games Like Tenchu Stealth Assassins

Tenchu Stealth Assassins

Tenchu Stealth is an action adventure game that has a heavy emphasis on stealth, similar to games in the Himan series. It was created by video game developer Acquire and released in 1998. The best aspects of Tenchu are its stealth gameplay and the awesome game world, which is set n feudal Japan.

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25 Games Like Death To Spies

Death To Spies

Death To Spies is a third person tactical third person shooter with a heavy emphasis on stealth. It’s a lot like Hitman and Metal Gear Solid. Created by video game developer 1C Company, Death To Spies was released in 2007.
Death To Spies

The story is set in World War II and you play as a captain of SMERSH, a Soviet counterintelligence agency. As an agent you’l have to complete various mission that are based in enemy territory, meaning you’ll need to use stealth in order to survive.

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25 Games Like Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Two Worlds is a fantasy role playing game created by video game developer Reality Pump and released in 2010, with a sequel released in 2011. Two Worlds is set in a 3D fantasy world not dissimilar to that found the Elder Scrolls games.