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FarSky (FarSky Interactive) One of the best upcoming indies


-+*In FarSky you play as Nathan, who has the extremely cool job of operating a submarine –puts my job of sitting her pressing buttons to shame. Nathan’s submarine has unfortunately crashed on the ocean floor—okay so being a writer isn’t too bad. To survive and return to the surface, Nathan will need to gather resources… Read more »

The Phallic Headed Alien Wants You Dead: Alien Isolation


-+*Will Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation be a classic a’la Alien VS Predator or a doosey like Aliens: Colonial Marines? We take a look at the most standout elements of Alien Isolation for PS4 and XBOX ONE.   ALIEN ISOLATION: Truly Isolated Probably the best part of what we’ve seen of Alien Isolation is the fact… Read more »

Capcom’s Remember Me: Nilin Introduces Her Cyber Punk Sexy Self

-+*Remember Me, the creation of Capom and Paris-based developer Dontnod Entertainment, looks to be a sexy, slick cyberpunk feast of a game. The game itself looks awesome, but naturally, being obsessed with characters , it’s Nilin herself which captures this author’s interest.

remember me nilin character, cyber-punk babe


Nilin is a Sophisticated, Cyber-Punk Heroine

The theme of Remember Me, and the motive of Nilin herself, is hinted at through her opening words in the trailer: ‘A friend once said “The memory of a single man’s a fortress more complex than the vastest of cities.” Here, Nilin introduces us to the amnesia-themed story. She continues, ‘But we invented a key to the fortress: a son’s first words, a mother’s last words, a lover’s kiss, a father’s deception. There are no secrets any more. And if remixing a single memory can change a man’s life, then changing a single man could remix the world. That was my job, until someone did it to me.’

Nilin’s voice in this trailer (wonderfully acted by the way) speaks of a noble character. She’s motivate by a revenge story after being betrayed by her father (*1), she’s suffering from amnesia (that now hackneyed dramatic device) and she (luck lucky girl) gets to investigate an awesome-looking grimy cyber-punk city ala Deus Ex.

Of course, Capcom made sure to highlight Nilin’s pixel-ass as early as possible—which cheapens her character a little—but nevertheless, this is one slick looking, smart talking, strong feminine hero that we cannot wait to discover more of.

Transistor Preview: It’s Like Bastion But Better

transistor indie game rpeview supergiant games

-+*Fans of Supergiant Game’s Bastion will be pleased to hear that Transistor stays true to the developer’s form Transistor is a bright and vibrant action RPG with excellent combat and decent voice acting (which is rare for an independent game). This is more than just another Bastion, though, it’s an improvement, to be sure. The… Read more »

Star Wars 1313 Sees The Dark Side | Trailers for 5th April


-+* Okay, so technically none of this trailers for Star Wars 1313 are new, but they’re included in our list of trailers for today simply because  it’s good to remind yourself of what you’re going to be missing out on. After Disney closed LucasArts, development of Star Wars 1313 was confirmed to be over. So, all… Read more »

Badland Game First Ten Minutes


-+* Check out the first ten minutes of Badland, the 2D cartoon-style game for mobile devices. Personally, I love the atmospheric use of sound and graphics in Badland. What do you think? Share your comments for the games developer below. The artistic use of light and colour, combined with the forest sound effects, creates a rich… Read more »

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Trailer | Trailers for April 5th

-+*  Along with some nice assets, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge’s new trailer shows off the combat and weapons. . . Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge’s new trailer shows of all the weapons and combat you’d expect from the game. Will this entry in the series live up to expectations? Personally, I’m worried they’ll go… Read more »

Bioshock Infinite TV Spot Looks Stunning


-+*  Elizabeth, Booker Dewitt and co sure are loooking mighty good thanks to this stunning Bioshock Infinite TV spot.  Don’t forget to check out all the latest Bioshock Infinite news HERE.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain Coming To PS4


-+*Hideo Kojima is up to his usual antics, doing some highly creative marketing work for Metal Gear Solid 5 : Phantom Pain. In the previous Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer we saw a character– who quite clearly was Solid Snake– crawling around a hospital ward. The new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer is even more… Read more »

Is Saints Row 4 Just Stupid, or CRAZY – STUPID ?


-+*A new trailer for Saints Row 4 has just been released. You may have thought that the Saints Row series has become crazy and dumb enough already, but apparently you were wrong. Dead wrong. The crazy / stupid metre has now been turned up to ten with Saints Row 4. Saints Row has always worn… Read more »

Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall To Develop Daud’s Character

-+*Bethesda have announced a new Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC. The DLC will features an expansive story as players resume the role of assassin Daud, who killed the Empress in the beginning of the main campaign. Filling in another important chapter of the Dishonored story, The Knife of Dunwall’s story will develop dependent on… Read more »

Chilling with the Tropical Skyrim Mod

-+*Ahhhh, this is the life, kicking back with the new Tropical Skyrim mod. Kinda makes you wonder what the point in all those bows and arrows and greatswords is. Look at the lush green forest of the Tropical Skyrim Mod. .  .lovely. Now when we get home from work we can forget all about skill… Read more »