The Best Water Levels In Games. How Many Have You Played?

What are the best water levels you have ever played?

Maybe you think Ocarina Of Time’s Temple Of Time is the best water level ever. It’s probably the hardest. And it’s definitely one of the most memorable.

But what about Rayman Origin’s Sea Of Tranquility? It’s a gorgeous looking level with some of the best gameplay ever seen in a platform game.

Or. I know. What about Koopa Tropper Beach from Mario Kart 64? Do you remember that one?



Through the decades water levels have been one of the most memorable types of levels in games. Some games have got it terribly wrong, like the water level in TMNT The Arcade Game. In that game you will drown if you misplace a single breaststroke. and what about the water level in the first Sonic  The Hedgehog? My God what a nightmare that was.


You don’t need a degree in game design to know that water levels are one of the hardest levels to create. Many game developers have failed horribly. And the average water level is a pain in the butt. That’s why , any time you get to a good water level it really impresses you. Just think about when you played Coral Capers in Donkey Kong Country. Stunning.

So here is to all the game designers who have done the impossible and made a truly great water level. Raise your glass to these guys.


The Best Water Levels of All Time

9: Koopa Trooper Beach (Mario Kart 64)

Mario Kart 64 is a timeless game that will bring a tear to the eyes of older gamers and will thrill younger gamers, even now, the first time they play the game. Mario Kart 64 was one of the most fun multiplayer games of all time. The Battle Mode was a laugh, but the real gem was racing in four-player mode.

mario kart 64 koopa trooper beach

There are many amazing tracks in Mario Kart 64, among the best being Mario Stadium, Wario Stadium, Rainbow Road (the jump was epic) and this excellent course, Koopa Trooper Beach.

Part of made Mario 64 epic was the jumps. You could be in last place and make the right jump to get yourself into first place and win the race. That meant that the game was constantly exciting. One of the best jumps was found in Koopa Trooper beach.

Though Mario Kart 64’s Koopa Trooper beach jump was easy, what made it fun was the fact that if you had  a red shell you could stop your opponent from making the jump, thus totally wrecking their race.

The blue shell you got from the long ramp was also a nice touch

Check out the Mario Kart 64 Koopa Trooper Beach world record


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