BEST TBS Games Like Dragons of Atlantis

Looking for the best TBS games like Dragons of Atlantis? Our list begins HERE. 


Dragons of Atlantis — One of the best MMORTSs

Dragons of Atlantis is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game taking place in a Free-to-play 2D fantasy world.

In Dragons of Atlantis, you join one of the four tribes as they fight to restore their crippled civilization in the mythical world of Atlantis.

Your objectives in Dragons of Atlantis are to build the most powerful city and army, to get your troops trained up, to take over numerous lands, raise dragons and become the strongest force in Atlantis.

¬†Dragons of Atlantis has been praised for it’s great graphics and for the generous amount of content it offers (not to mention the fact that it’s free to play). This is definitely one of the best MMORTSs out there.

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