Games With Multiple Endings That You Have To See All Of Before You Die


Metal Gear Solid (Hand up who wants Metal Gear Solid 5?)


Metal Gear Solid was my first gaming experience with multiple endings, and it made the game so much more enjoyable. In Metal Gear Solid you get the best cutscenes, one of the best stories in any game, a rich narrative, some of the best gameplay you’ve ever seen and, of course those multiple endings (though there were only 2 possible endings).

Grand Theft auto IV 


Another game with multiple endings (2), GTA IV is game that’s all about plot choices, but there’s only one choice that changes the ending: whether you make a deal with one of Niko Bellic’s main antagonists. This is a decision you’ll have to make towards the end of the game  and it affects the rest of the game. Playing GTA 4 you can’t help but wish that more decisions influenced the ending instead of only that one choice, but still, GTA 4 is an amazing games and one of the best games with multiple endings.

Cave Story  


The ending you saw in Cave Story depended on a load of different (and seemingly arbitrary) choices the you made throughout the game. Cave Story has three different endings, and to see the real ending you’ll need to do all manner of weird stuff, like intentionally missing upgrades, finding characters in the most bizarre places and so on. If you happen to get to the true ending of the game you’ll also unlock a new and extremely difficult section of the game.  The only way you’ll ever get there, though, is with a FAQ.


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