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Best Games with Low System Requirements

Games with low system requirements are highly popular at the moment because, let’s face it, we don’t all have the world’s best graphics cards in our systems, and that’s especially true if we’re using our office PC.

Types of Games with Low System Requirements

Thankfully, there are tons of truly great games with low system requirements. While you might not be playing the latest Call of Duty or Crysis 2, you’ll still be able to have a bit of fun whenever you’re bored.

There are a few key types of games that generally have low system requirements:

Online games: Browser-based games (including a ton of massively multiplayer online RPGs) all have low requirements because they are online. Games of this type include the excellent Runescape, the world’s most popular MMO.

Indie Games: Because the majority of independent game developers cannot afford to produce top of the line graphics, their games generally have low system requirements. You can find indie games of every genre and most of them will easily run on whatever computer you happen to be using.

Retro Games: Naturally, retro games were released at a time when PCs were less advanced, and therefore are designed for less-than-stellar PCs.

Casual Games: Casual games have really risen in popularity over the past decade. Because casual games are designed for everybody (rather than being designed for hardcore gamers) they tend to have low requirements.

So, what are the best best games with low system requirements? Begin our article by hitting the link below.

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