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Best Games with Female Protagonists

 Jade from Beyond Good and Evil is one of the bravest and kindest female games characters ever.   

5: Jade from Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil didn’t earn the popularity that it so richly deserved when it was initially released. As a result, Jade has been somewhat neglected, which is a shame given that she’s the fifth best female games protagonist of all time.

Finding a job as a photo journalist in order to help to financially support her guardian, Jade happens to get caught up in a resistance that is determined to reveal the corruption of the government. Begin a martial artists, athlete and journalist, Jade has a few cards up her sleeve that can help the resistance out.

Believing in justice and with the strength and bravery to back it up, Jade is a great role model. And when she’s not risking her life for a righteous cause, she’s helping support a group of orphans. Truly, a great female protagonist.

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