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Best Games Like Portal and Portal 2 for PS3, iPhone, XBOX 360 and PC

This list of games like Portal for PS3, XBOX 360, iPhone and PC contains the best puzzle-solving action titles in the known universe. With these games your brain will be properly teases, you’ll be hooked on spatial puzzles and you won’t stop playing for hours.

You can select games by common genres and themes, or see our personal choices of the best games like Portal below.


Games like Portal by Themes and Genres 

FPS: Obviously Portal is a FPS game. Well, let’s be honest, it’s the FPS game, the best ever. But there are tons of other amazing FPS games that we think you’ll enjoy. Check out our selection of the best FPS games.



Let’s Play Portal

Puzzle: One of the most popular elements of Portal is its puzzles. You need to navigate the game world solving puzzles and using various items and weapons to find your way to the end of the game. There are many games with similarly excellent puzzle element. See our selection of the best Puzzle Games.


Physics: Portal was one of the first FPS games to incorporate physics. Many of the weapons in the game make use of the physics engine to create unique effects. If you love games with clever, physics-based gameplay, see our list of the best Physics Games.


The Best Games like Portal

Finally, here’s our choices of the best games like Portal. In this list we’ve selected first person shooter games that incorporate elements of physics and puzzles. If you love Portal we’re sure you’ll love these games too. . .


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