Best Games Like Portal and Portal 2 for PS3, iPhone, XBOX 360 and PC

This list of games like Portal for PS3, XBOX 360, iPhone and PC contains the best puzzle-solving action titles in the known universe. With these games your brain will be properly teases, you’ll be hooked on spatial puzzles and you won’t stop playing for hours.

If you’re a big fan of Portal you’ll love THESE GAMES TOO <<<<Best

Games Like Portal 1 : Quantum Conundrum

IN Quantum Conundrum you play as a young boy who must save his uncle after he went missing. You’ll have access to the invention known as ISD (Interdimensional Shift Device) and must jump between dimension solving puzzles and exlporing a giant mansion.

Games Like Portal 2: The Ball

IN The Ball you play as an archaeologist who is stuck in a cavern full of secrets and surprised. It’s here that you uncover “The Ball” an object you must learn about during your adventure. There are tons of enemies and dangers in the form of traps around every corner. With 8 massive levels this game offers good value for money.  It plays in first person and is very similar to Portal.

Games Like Portal 3: Tag: The Power of Paint

One of the most interesting and unique games like Portal is Tag: The Power of Paint. It’s a great brain teasing puzzle game that is highly creative and very unique. Play this if you’re looking something a little different.

Games Like Portal 4: Q.U.B.E

Q.U.B.E, which is short for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion is a game in which you must navigate through levels by manipulating cubes of various colours. Graphically this game looks very similar to Portal and its gameplay isn’t vastly different either, being about exploration, puzzles and discovery. It’s available on PC and Mac.

Games Like Portal 5: Antichamber

Antichamber is one of the best and most unique independent games of 2012 . A psychological / logic-based puzzle game, Antichamber is sure to work your brain. It’s a little complex to explain, but heck, you can always read our full review HERE.

More Games Like Portal 

The Incredible Machine

World of goo

Toki tori



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