25 Games Like Afrika

Discover the very best games like Afrika, games based on animals and with a documentary style of play in our list below.

About Afrika

Afrika was made by video game developer Rhino Studios. It is a unique game, an animal photography simulation game in Africa. In many ways the game is a spiritual successor to Pokemon snap, though with real animals.

In Africa you play as either Anna, a zoologist, or as Eric, a journalist. Your mission is to explore the Manyanga Conservation, which is in a part of Africa which the game leaves unspecified. During the game you will be set various assignments via email in your camp. You can probably tell already that Africa is a fairly original game and there aren’t really too many games like Africa, though we have included some in or list below.

When you start playing Africa you play your character via binoculars and a camera. But as you progress you will be able to hop into the jeep, explore the land and discover various animals.

You’ll be exploring Africa at both day and night and you’ll be able to quickly jump to whichever area you need to go to. You can walk a certain distance within each area, allowing for some degree of exploration. To take your photos you’ll be using the sixasis, focussing, zooming and tilting the camera to get the right photo of animals.

Essentially, Africa is all about exploring nature and animals. Find more games like Afrika in our list below.         Get Afrika – Playstation 3


Games like Afrika

Here are the best games like Afrika.

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