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Best Games About Dragons

Games about dragons have been popular every since the 80s, but perhaps that’s not surprising given that dragons are the most commonly depicted of all legendary creatures. Hit  the link below and we will reveal the absolute best games about dragons.

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One of the best games with dragons: Dragons of Atlantis

Everyone loves dragons (well except people who get eaten by them).It’s no wonder dragons are so popular. Stories about dragons have been existence for thousands of years, the first being the epic of Gilgamesh, which contained a “fire breathing beast.” It wasn’t until centures after Gilgamesh, however, that the actual term “Dragons” came to exist in the 13th Century AD.

Books and poems are only one of the forms of media to include dragons, of course. Of recent years, games about dragons have boomed in popularity, with titles like Dragons Age, Dawn of Dragons and Dragons of Atlantis selling extremely well.

Hit the link below and we’ll reveal the very best games about dragons.

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