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6 Commander Shepard from Mass Effect | Best Female Characters


 The female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect earns our respect because. . . well, it’s hard NOT to respect the woman who save the universe, right?  

6: Commander Shepard from Mass Effect


It’s not easy saving the entire universe, but Mass Effects female Commander Shepard is up to the challenge. Though the majority of Mass Effects marketing effort was based on the male Commander Shepard, the majority of gamers actually think that female Shepard is a strong character (so, that’s one for the girls, then).

Not only is Mass Effect’s Female Shepard a brilliant character, she is brought to life through stellar voice acting, performed by Jennifer Hale.  Hopefully next time around, BioWare can share the marketing effort 50 / 50 between the male and female protagonists. . . still, great character.  

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