Best Moment in Gaming

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Best Moments in Gaming

Game Reward 7: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Mile high club 

Overview: The gaming achievement that sets the men apart from the boys. Unlocking it requires you to beat the bonus level on Veteran in less than a minute. That’s had, by the way, which is a good thing, cause when you get it you feel rightly proud!


Reward Type: Social.  You want it so you can show off. End of story.


Why It’s So Good: The harder an achievement is to unlock the more valuable it feels to the gamer. And this is really freaking hard!



Game Reward 6

Resident Evil 4’s Chainsaw Death


Overview: Games aren’t often scary, even when they try to be.  That was especially true at the time of Resident Evil 4. When you loaded the game you didn’t really expect to be frightened at all. But DAMN did the village at the beginning pull you into its eerie atmosphere.  It made your pulse quicken. And then the chainsaw wielding maniac showed up and the rest was history.


Reward Type: Emotional and Escape.  RE4 really pulled you into the game world, providing escape from the day to day trappings, and once it had you in it piled on the pressure and scared the hell out of you.


Why It’s So Good: A brilliant combination of atmosphere, tense gameplay, awesome soundtrack and sound effects and graphics that were stunning for the time saw the player falling deep into Resident Evil 4’s spell. Then the whirring of the chainsaw and the weird, hellacious screams of the villagers sound and you can’t help but sink deep into the horror that is Resident Evil 4.


Game Reward 5

Pokemon’s Completed Pokedex


Overview: Trying to get all 386 entries in your pokedex is near impossible, not just because of the amount of obtainable pokemon, but because the only way to get them all the legendaries from GSC era games was through Nintendo Special Events. Thus this became one of gaming’s greatest ever achievements.

Reward Type:  Social and empowerment.  Anyone who has collected all Pokemon damn sure feel proud and are sure to brag about it… at least to other hardcore Pokemon collectors. They may well stry to pretend it never happened to the rest of the world.

Why It’s So Good: Because if you like a challenge, you wont find many better than

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