Games Like Kingdom Rush

In our list of games like Kingdom Rush you’ll find many of the very best tower defense games for iOS, PC, Mac, Android and other systems. Remember that you can vote and share your favorite games to help influence our lists. 

About Kingdom Rush 

Kindgdom Rush is a tower defense game by video game developer Ironhide Game Studio. It is one of the many tower defense games published by Armor Games and playable on your browser and for iPad and Android. In the game you’ll build towers in the empty lots of a medieval world. You’ll be able to choose from four different towers: Barracks, Mage, Artillery and Archers. At the beginning of a level you’ll have a certin amount of money  that you can use to purchase towers. Monsters will appear and you will have to eliminate them before they reach the other end of their path. When you kill monsters you’ll earn money with which you can upgrade your tower. Because some towers are better than others at killing specific monsters you’ll have to choose your towers carefully as you play through the game’s 18 levels and come across 48 different types of monsters.

Kingdom Rush is a very typical tower defense game. For more games like Kingdom Rush see our list below. If you want to help out other readers remember to vote for your favorite games and to share them on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks.

Games like Kingdom Rush

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