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25 Games Like Eternity Warriors 3

In our list of games like Eternity Warriors 3 you’ll find tons of amazing games with great bosses, loot and excellent combat systems. We’ll look at the best games like Eternity Warriors 3 below, but first let’s take a look at what makes EW3 so epic.

Eternity Warriors 3 Review

Eternity Warriors 3 is full of loot, bosses and an excellent combat system. It’s a fairly typical fantasy RPG, but has become hugely popular over recent months thanks to the fact that it’s a) awesome and b) free to play.


Play EW3 HERE. 



One of the key elements of Eternity Warriors 3 is story. You’re not just fighting random enemies in typical Diablo-inspired fashion. Instead, you’re developing a character and unveiling a story. The story is optional. You don’t really need to pay that much attention to it. It’s more like a tasty cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae.

Gameplay in Eternity Warriors 3 is hack and slash style as you cut your way through different dungeons. You’ll get used to the game quickly thanks to its tutorial, plus the fact that the controls are simple. Before long you’ll be engaged in combat, and it’s here that EW3 truly shines. The combat is simply excellent. One large button gives access to your primary attacks and you can use different skills via smaller buttons. Easy.


Your basic mission is every level is to kill stuff. Surprising, right? There aren’t many games that ask you to kill stuff. . . oh wait. . . but here you’re killing demons and wolves and the undead. . .

Okay, so there are lots of clichés in the game. But you wont mind as the combat is awesome and the boss fights are epic.

Loot is also a big part of the game. You’ll be gathering loot to upgrade weapons and armour and you’ll be given different options for how to update your character.

Perhaps the best thing about EW3 is the graphics. Stunning. I mean, they’re just really really pretty; not Famke Jensen pretty, but for a fantasy RPG, they’re pretty stunning.


PRETTY: Watch this stunning gameplay footage

Eternity Warriors 3 is definitely one of the best fantasy RPGs out there. But what other games are like Eternity Warriors 3? Let’s take a look. . .



Games Like Eternity Warriors 3

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