25 Amazing Games Like Hotline Miami

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About Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is one of 2012’s best indie games and was created by video game developer Dennaton Games. Perhaps Eurogamer described it best when they called Hotline Miani a “Top Down F**K Em Up.” Yep; that seems like the perfect description.

Hotline Miami is split into different chapters which in turn are divided into different stages. At the start of every chapter your character wakes up to puzzling messages left on his phone. The puzzles basically tell the protagonist to go to a specific place and kill everyone there. Before you begin each level you’ll get to choose a character mask. You’ll then enter a top down perspective in which you must f**k up every character on the screen. You’ll do this by using melee attacks and ranged weapons, and you’ll also need to complete carious challenges.

Games like Hotline Miami by Genre and Themes 

Parody: Hotline Miami is a parody of older games from the 80s. If you love your games to mimic old, retro games (with humorous results) check out our list of the best Parody Games.

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Finally, here’s our choices for the very best games like Hotline Miami

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