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Fable Legends Preview Exclusive: We Reveal The Future Of Fable

I’m so stoked to be writing this Fable Legends preview. Fable Legends is such an interesting title: a new direction for Lionhead and one of the best series of the past decade. I’ve played through the Fable Legends beta and have the full scoop on the Fable Legends single player campaign, multiplayer, release date, and everything else you need to know….  Heading to Xbox One and PC later in the year, and offering cross-platform play between console and PC users, Fable Legends has already been met with criticism. The decision to make Fable Legends free-to-play has been a controversial one....

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Avalanche Studios Mad Max Demo Blew Our Minds

Avalanche Studios had us on the edge of our seat with the Mad Max demo. We detail everything you need to know in this exclusive preview.  Civilisation lies in ruin, a vast and barren wasteland. A column of thick smoke rises to the north while oil refineries burn unremittingly into the night sky. Welcome to Gastown, the bleak setting for Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max. It’s a world ruled by a man named Scrotus. Mad Max is a game that starts with a bang. As Frank Rooke says, “Mad Max has a narrative arc but it gets you off track immediately.”...

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I Shot A Girl In The Head And She Wanted To Talk About It…?

I’m going to put my hands up and straight up confess that I am obsessed with people. I honestly find people utterly amazing. Often, on a weekend, I’ll go grab a coffee and sit by myself just watching people pass by. Now, that sounds a little creepy, but in my defence I was advised by both my former drama teacher and creative writing teacher that as an actor and writer I need to watch people and observe how they behave. Mrs. Turndike, I haven’t let you down. People are amazing. What I particularly love is how everyone has their own...

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Epona Is Real, People-Zelda Short Film Looks Sick

Epona is real people. We love that horse. And apparently so do the makers of the news Legend of Zelda short film on Netflix.  Check it out over at the official site.  If you think it looks awesome, show your support by sharing it on Facebook, either through this page or their site, whatever works for you Legend of Zelda short film

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Blanka In Swimming Trunks-Street Fighter Art At Its BEST

Capcom Unity. It’s a wonderful place where you can find all sorts of marvelous things. Like Blanka wearing swimming trunks. This collection of Street Fighter art shows Street Fighter characters in their swimming costumes. It was created by Capcom-Unity memeber Bralston. For more, check out her blog. The Beauty And Horror Of Street Fighter Characters In Swimwear  

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Bartkira-The Simpsons Do Akira And It’s Amazing

Unbelievable news. They’re taking The Simpsons, which is awesome. And they’re taking Akira, which is, just, bloody amazing. And they’re putting them together to form the greatest crossover of all time. Bartkira is a crowd-sourced project s inspired by artist Ryan Humphrey’s art (see below) and lead by  cartoonist James Harvey.  Together with a total of more than 500 artists from around the world, the team is putting together a complete reanimation of Akira using The Simpsons. Akira. Using The Simpsons. I mean.. could it possibly be any better?! Check out the official site HERE. And you might as well start...

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The Combo Video That Honours The Death Of A Gaming Hero

Last month the gaming community lost a real star. Monty Aum. Aum was a web based animator and also worked as a developer for Bandai Namco and Midway. You might also know him from his work on the web animated series RWBY. (see below). Monty Aum had a lot of fans. Some of them gamers, some anime fans. In his time he touched a lot of hearts. So it’s no surprise to see that some Aum fans have decided to hour him following his death. One such group of people are combo video developers. Combo videos might usually be for...

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Japanese Video Game Commentary-It’s Just Awesome

So there I was watching the latest Street Fighter footage of Pepeday VS Noeun when it suddenly hit me just how awesome Japanese games commentators are. Sure, James Chen and Ultra David are great. But Japanese commentators? They sound like they’re having a nerdgasm every time someone lands a combo. And that… that’s awesome. Just listen to this dude here. Going nuts. Over a combo. Awesome. Seriously. Dude is so happy in infectious. That, I reckon, is why Japanese commentary is still the best.   The gameplay’s awesome too. But then, it’s Pepeday. Of course it’s going to be good.

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The Top 30 Arcades In Japan

We love Japan. And we especially love visiting arcades in Japan. So we’ve created this list of the very best arcades to visit in Japan. If you know of any others that should be added to this list, please let us know in a comment.   The Best Arcades In Japan TOKYO: –Taito Hirose Entertainment Yard –Try Amusement Tower –Tokyo Leisure Land 1 –Taito Station Akihabara –Sega Akihabara –Club Sega Akihabara –Taito Station Yokohama –Freedom Yokohama –Seven Islands Game Center –Pasopiard Tokyo –Game Spot21 –Shinjuku Carnival –Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi –Mikado –Taito Station Shinjuku Minamiguchi –Taito Station Shibuya –Taito Station...

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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Takes Culinary Dicing To A New Level

Are you ready to  slice fruits and crush account? Microsoft recently announced the released a sequel to Fruit Ninja Kinect, which will be exclusively available on Xbox One. The phenomenon Fruit Ninja now continues on next generation consoles with all the excitement and fun of the original title, now with the addition of 5 new game modes and supports up to 4 people at once, including a new system of progress and a lot of characters. “This is the most satisfying, complete and accessible board game ever created,” said Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick Studios. “The new Kinect sensor makes a world...

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First Person Dog Game Raises $17,000 in 4 days  

  Lincoln based indie game developer Clockwork Demon has raised over $17,000 in four days for its concept of a first person dog game. “We’re looking at a conversion rate of 15% from people who have seen the video,” said game designer Megan Vokal. “That’s pretty decent for a Kickstarter video.” Clearly understatement is something Clockwork Demon master in. The developer is currently focused on increasing exposure in order to gain the backing necessary to go ahead and create the game. The game is called Adopted (cute!) and it’s a first person game in which gamers play as a pet...

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Indie Games Developer With Zero Games Gets $1.8m from NCSoft

How many games do you need to make as a game developer in order to see huge profit? The answer is precisely zero. MMO publisher NCSoft has invested a whopping $1.8m in Korean indie game developer Binaree despite the fact that the developer has yet to actually make any games. NXSoft is a world renowned publisher from Korea known for their work on numerous PC MMOs, including Guild Wars, AION, Blade & Soul and Wildstar. So the fact that they’re willing to invest such a staggering amount in a company that has yet to actually do anything is quite remarkable....

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Fantabulous News: Xeodrifter, A Metroid-Inspired Platform Adventure, Heading to PS4 and Vita.

Renegade Kid, the indie developer that created such amazing games as Treasurenauts, Mutant Mudd, and Moon Chronicles launched an amazing Metroid-like game called Xeodrifter for the 3DS in 2014. A quality game, Zeodrifter achieved an average of 4 out of 5 on MetaCritic. It’s subsequently gone on to crate quite a lot of interest in itself. now, Renegade Kid has joined forces with Gambitious Digital Entertainment (Breach and Clear, Magnetic: Cage Closed). The partnership will bring Xeodrifter to more platforms. It’s currently available on Steam for $9.99 and a special edition version is heading to Vita and Playstation 4. Xeodrifter...

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The 64 Reasons Why the N64 Is The Best Console Ever (okay so we only have 25 reasons…)

The Nintendo 64 was released 18 years ago and no sooner had it been released than it totally redefined what it is to play video games. We can still remember our first time playing an N64. It was aboard Nintendo’s Challenger Truck, that they used to take to all gaming conventions. The N64 blew us away.  And today it is (for our money) the best console of all time. Here’s why.       The First Four Player Console You didn’t need an adapter or any other bullshit. You just played four players straight up. And it was amazing.  ...

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Game Over For Club Nintendo. System to be Replaced

Out of nowhere , Nintendo has announced that its reward system for buying original products (better known as Club Nintendo), stop working in the middle of this year. For each console or game users purchased, they were supposed to be given points on their account at the end of each month. They could then redeem these points for represented various prizes , games or collectibles as figures of the most popular characters. Club Nintendo was also present in Europe and Japan, but it has now completely stopped working. It’s been knocked out “from outta nowhere.”   Nintendo will not abandon...

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Zelda Wii U Is So Close You Can Feel The Master Sword In Your Hands Right Now

GameStop Italy  seem to be privy to some Nintendo inside information. They’ve started advertising Zelda Wii U with a spring date.  Nintendo has so far only confirmed that Zelda Wii U will be arriving in 2015 , but did not specify anything else. In fact, it makes sense for Zelda Wii U to come out at Christmas market , where the company usually reap higher sales. Launching Zelda Wii U  before then could suggest that Nintendo are changing their overall release plans. If Zelda is releasing early, it’s highly likely another game will be pushed back. Which game could that be… it remains to be seen.

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Stupendous News- Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Release Date Set for XBox One

Stupendous news everyone. The release date has been set for Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness on Xbox One. the news was made during 5pb. festival in Akihabara. The game’s set between episodes one and six of the TV anime, and the game will be released for Xbox One on May 28th. Mandatory Happiness will be available in a limited edition priced at ¥9,800 ($82), which comes with “Dive to Psycho-Pass: Psycho-Pass Summer Premium Blu-ray Disc.” There will also be a pair of bonuses for pre-ordering either version: “Dive to Psycho-Pass: Psycho-Pass Winter Premium Blu-ray Disc” and an Xbox One decal.

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Study Shows Xbox Is Strong Brand, Nintendo More Fun, Playstation Best Technology

Nielsen is a worldwide leader in consumer surveys and consumer trends. This week, the company surveyed thousands of gamers. They asked a simple question: Why did you purchase your Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Wii U. The results make for some very interesting reading. It turns out that Microsoft’s Xbox One is the strongest brand, the Playstation 4 is the best technology, and Nintendo’s Wii U is simply the most fun system to play.   Nielsen’s Xbox One, Ps4, Wii U Survey RESULTS   You can read the complete results of the survey here. – See more at:

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Five Ways You Can Use Video Games to Make Yourself Godlike

5: Use Games to Boost Energy: One of the most apparent effects gaming has on players is that it makes them feel more energised, more excited, more alive. You get bored in day to day life so you jump into a game and get a visceral boost of excitement. Well, why not make use of that boost in energy? Next time you’re working at home and you feel yourself getting bored and your energy levels dropping, set a timer for ten minutes, load up your platform, jump into an action-packed game (FPSs or fighting games will work well). When the...

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Our Study Shows that Playing RPG’s Expands Your Mind


Psychology / Psychological Benefits of RPGs in a nutshell:

-They develop mindfulness (a key psychological skill that is used in wide ranging fields from self help for depression to sports psychology)

-They develop creative thinking skills via puzzles (creative thinking is important to many jobs, from a career in teaching to Information Technology)

They train our minds to work progressively towards a goal

They are arguably the most relaxing form of game

- They teach our minds to spot how things will logically progress (important to both personal and professional life)


Psychological Benefits of RPGs

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The Positive Effect Of Fighting Games On Your Life

Fighting games; they’re all about violence, death and gore aren’t they, Fox News?

No, they’re not. Fighting games, like other game genres, are packed full of positive benefits for your mind and your life and are so effective at training your brain that they can even be put to good use as a tool for personal development and self improvement. How? Two words: Decision making. Fighting games are, in essence, a fast-paced decision making activity. Their benefit in terms of self improvement is that they teach our brains how to make good decisions in minimal time. They force us to carry a great deal of information at one time and to make snap second decisions based on knowledge, odds and analysis. . .

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The Mind Blowing Psychology Of Video Games

How is it that games are able to entertain millions of people around the world for hours every day? How is it that a game can motivate players to play through hours of content, completing numerous missions, dying, restarting, failing, but ultimately reaching the end of the game while offering no real, tangible incentive for doing so? Why is it that when we play a game we feel numerous heightened emotions, from excitement to empowerment, even though games, at face value, aren’t even real? If you’re a gamer you know that a game can make you feel larger than life.

Games don’t achieve this through some bizarre pixel-magic. At their centre, games are psychological powerhouses. Developers know what it is that makes gamers tick, and they turn the desires, imaginations and emotions of gamers into a product of entertainment. Entertainment, however, is just one small part of gaming. The true power of gaming comes from understanding how games motivate and empower gamers.

Once you understand how games motivate you and make you feel empowered, you can apply the same laws to real life. In this article we will be revealing the many wonderful ways in which games work psychologically, and then applying those gameplay mechanics to real life. We’ll cover all major gaming genres, from shooting games to RPGs, looking at the psychological rules governing their gameplay, and then applying those rules to real life. What this means is that if you’re a gamer who loves RPGs, you’ll discover why you love RPGs, how RPGs motivate you to keep playing and how you can turn the laws of RPG design into laws for real life. Or, if you’re a fan of shooters, you’ll discover how shooters make gamers feel empowered, and likewise apply those laws to real life. Games have the power to motivate, to empower, to create joy and happiness and many more positive. Continue Reading 

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A bevy of cosplay babes tell us not to look at them like that

We’ve assorted a bevy of cosplay girls for your viewing pleasure.   “On no, my scarf is blowing in the wind” said this Superman cosplay girl, totally ignoring the fact that she was virtually naked     “I’m angry… and you love it” said this Mortal Kombat Jade cosplayer “My leaves are falling off” she said…     “Do you come here often” that’s what I said. Didn’t turn out well.  Look at those eyes… girl knows she looks good     You should see what happened when this Cyclops gets together with Jean Grey… sparks fly…       “I have...

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Video Game Retail Is Shitty And Unjustifiable

The retail industry is not known for its ethics. Let’s just be completely honest about this, retail is bullshit. But you’re never really exposed to precisely how bad the retail industry is until you work in it. For many gamers, the idea of working in a video game store seems like a dream job. After all, we all love video games so why not work in the industry? The simple answer is that working in the retail sector of the video game industry exposes you to the unjustifiable bullshit that is rampant throughout. Corruption, backstabbing… these are all frequent when...

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Hitman: Agent 47 Is Bored Shitless Of Stealth?!

The Hitman: Agent 47 trailer is out and one things painfully obvious: Agent 47 is bored shitless of stealth. For a movie based on a game that’s supposed to be all about stealth, the Hitman: Agent 47 trailer is packed full of a ridiculous amount of explosions and all out gun-toting shenanigans. Someone better get to da choppa.

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This Story Is Happy End?! Speedrunners Are Changing Lives

Fabulous news me mateys. The yearly gaming charity event Awesome Games Done Quick has raised a whole “Luck Foad” of cash for charity. After spending a whopping 160 hours speedrunning games on Twitch, the charity managed to make an awe inspiring $1.58 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is what happens when bright gamers come together: they change things.  That’s right, speedrunning video games on camera laid to the raising of over a million dollars for cancer prevention. And as someone who (like many of us) has lost a family member to cancer, I have to say a whopping great “Thanks” to Awesome...