Are EA Right? Does No One Care About Single Players in FPSs?

star wars battlefront no campaign

We want your opinion. Are EA right? Does no one care about single player campaigns in FPSs? If you could let us know your opinion in a comment below, that’d be great.

With the hype-o-mania taking place around Star Wars this year, Star Wars Battlefront is bound to sell enough copies to fill a space cruiser. The game could be as offensively awful as Jar Jar Binks himself and it would still sell on the back of The Force Awaken’s hype.

And that’s probably just as well, because EA has taken a real gamble. They’ve decided not to include a single player campaign.

In some ways the decision makes sense for Star Wars Battlefront. EA DICE previously tried to mimic the success of Call of Duty’s single player campaigns. They didn’t pull it off. Many criticised DICE’s previous single player campaign modes. So, why not abandon that weak point and concentrate on the good, the multiplayer?

By making focusing more on the multiplayer, EA argue, they’re giving us more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

And for Battlefront alone that’s perhaps a fair statement.

But the problem is that, taken at face value, EA’s statement is not about Battlefield games specifically.  Speaking to Gamespot, Peter Moore said “Data suggests that few people actually player the single player in these types of games.” These types of games? Surely, taken at face value, that’s a statement directed at FPSs. And if so, EA is making one hell of a claim to say that their data suggests not many people play the campaigns in FPS games.

So, are EA right? Do you (we) not play the single player campaigns anymore?


star wars battlefront single player

EAs FPS campaigns have tended to be cookie-cutter. Maybe that’s why their data says no one cares about them. But surely that’s a sign for EA to spend more time getting their stories and campaigns right, not to abandon them completely.

Some FPS games have featured amazing campaigns. I loved every moment of Call of Duty 1 and 2’s campaign. And looking back, the campaigns of Doom 2, Battlefield Bad Company, Half-Life 2 and Time Splitters 2 were some of the best moments in the history of gaming. Are EA suggesting that such amazing FPS campaigns simply aren’t wanted anymore?

And let’s spare a passing thought for those people who such at multiplayers.  Because not everyone is great at shooters. Those people who aren’t particularly skilled generally don’t want to spend their time getting their asses kicked in multiplayers all day. So are EA simply turning their back on these people completely?

star wars battlefront no single player

We can all agree that multiplayers are more popular than single players. Most people spend far more time playing the multiplayer than the single player. But simply spending less time in single players doesn’t suggest they should be obliterated all together.

Can you imagine what would happen if Bethesda made the same statement and suggests that no played their single players?

i dont always play single player campains

I’m left scratching my head over this.

Are EA right? Have we all stopped playing single player campaigns? Do we only care about multiplayer?

Im interested to hear your opinion. What do you make of all this?


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